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Mission, Vision, Values


The mission of the Division of Academic Success & Transitions is to enrich the undergraduate experience by providing academic support in promoting student success.


The vision of the Division of Academic Success & Transitions is to cultivate a student-centered, inclusive campus environment that champions access for all students to academic support and opportunities to grow and pursue excellence throughout their UT career and beyond.


Student Growth & Self-Discovery: We believe in all students’ ability to acquire skills, knowledge, and self-awareness, to adapt, and to change. We believe in the potential of UT students to use this growth and self-discovery to the betterment of the state, the nation, and the world.  

Excellence & Engagement: We value students and see them as whole, competent individuals capable of extraordinary accomplishments. We believe the volunteer spirit – to help others, to lead, to play an active role in improving our community – is essential to excellence and success.

Integrity: We value honest, forward, and transparent thinking and decision-making. We strive to be our best selves every day in our work and to help our students achieve this same goal.

Diversity, Inclusion & Collaboration: We value difference in all its varied forms and strive for diversity in our staff, in access to our programming, and in everything we do. We value people and the achievements that can be made when people of all backgrounds are included and work together. Whether in our work with students, faculty, or staff, we value their opinions, their ideas, and the lines of communication that we share with each other.