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Library IT Technologist

I always knew that I wanted to go to college. I wanted to become a studio musician and play in an orchestra for movies, tv or video games. However, I knew that a degree in performance was less useful than a {music} education degree, should performing not pan out.

Finances were always hard without any support beyond what I could provide for myself, so I worked for the college library while going to school. I took 25 hours that first semester, but wound up dropping a class, so I finished out with 23 credit hours. I was worn out but determined. Given that music education required so many classes, I wound up taking 5.5 years to finish my degree. Thankfully, with the help of scholarships, I only had $15,000 in student loans.

After I finished my undergraduate degree, I realized how much I didn’t really want to teach music. I love music even now, but I was not at all ready to be a teacher. Later, I started a graduate degree in Music Education and worked as a student worker in the Music Library on campus. Once I completed my Music Education Masters, I went on to get a second Master’s degree in Information Science.

I have now been working at the university for over 14 wonderful years. Every experience I’ve had, both good and bad, has led me to where I am now and made me who I am today. For that, I am grateful.